Friday, July 18, 2008

The grip of an idea

I read somewhere that Boltzmann knew what it was to be in the grip of an idea. Is it possible to communicate the experience of the grip (form) independent of communicating the idea (content)? I wonder. This problem I would like to call contentization of form.

This is important because, it is often the grip that tends to unite people, leading to true comaraderie rather than the idea itself. The idea merely serves as a handle to grip, or a social object.

Summarily, form is socially important. We connect around form. This is a well known, yet little understood, fundamental idea which is at the heart of innovations in web 2.0 (there is room for twitter when blogger exists), marketing (coats de rhone vs. goats do roam), world peace etc. I am in the grip of it. How do I communicate it to you?

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