Friday, July 18, 2008

Moral high ground

Recently, I have passively, yet voraciously been consuming distilled wisdom from thought leaders in the blogosphere. Two exhilarating Chennai based blogs are krishashok and maami. They are so good that I could hawk them at traffic signals, pursue a disinterested bloghopper like you unrelentingly, and aggressively advertise them with illegal subliminal messages until you buy into them. In other words, I highly recommend them.

Anyway, a common accusation I have encountered in post-related-comment-page-skirmishes is: you are being self righteous. you are taking a moral high ground. My question is: isn't this accusation itself, moral?


Anonymous said...

Ah! Finally here is a post that is more in sync with my intellectual abilities (if surgeons can so be flattered to possess)! I fully agree with your appreciation.
Thanks for making acquaintance with me.

Pavan said...

Rambodoc, my office mate is a neurosurgeon. I encounter surgeons quite often socially. I know how piercing their insight is ;)

We will be in touch!